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Facts & Questions

About Fantasy Bear NFT?

 Arctic Fantasy Bear NFT is a collection of 5000 unique characters, which are randomly generated by AI algorithm based on attributes. NFTs are divided into common, rare, and very rare. Legendary, OG and other attributes are unique collectibles for the community. In the future, it can be upgraded to an identity DID-NFT with variable metadata and growth, so that each NFT holder can obtain the rights and governance attributes that match the corresponding contribution;

What is the minting price of each NFT?

The public Mint price is: 0.01ETH;

 Users with Mint whitelist or DAO equity Pass NFT can log in with WEB3.0 wallet and get a 50% discount on Pre Mint casting;

How are 5,000 dream bear NFTs allocated?

4600: Assigned to Pre Mint and Public Mint;

200 DAO early contributions, consultants, marketing partners, etc;

100: LPs allocated to donating funds to DAO;

100: assigned to Dream Bear NFT holders and community contributors;

When will NFT be minted?

Pre Miint will be performed on the official website at 8:00 (UTC) on May 20, 2022, and Public Mint will be available at 18:00 (UTC) on 5.20;

Is the NFT property original?

yes. We do not use outsourced NFTs, all NFTs are randomly generated on-chain NFTs based on algorithms, and each NFT is unique. In the future, there will be pledges that can be exchanged for a permanent identity DID-NFT in the WEB3.0 world;

Are there any exciting plans for 2022?

Yes, we have. Please see the roadmap channel ┃ roadmap ┃ more details.

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